Sailor Chibi Venus
Aino Minae

Sailor Chibi Mars is the "daughter" of Sailor Venus, Aino Minako. Like the rest of the future soldiers, she is an imperfect clone (essentially akin to a clone created through nuclear transfer) and is not as identical to her "mother" as her appearance may make it seem.

Minae is fairly quiet, which seems odd compared to her boisterous "mother." She is also somewhat less competent in battle than her team-mates--a source of embarrassment for Sailor Venus. Of course, Sailor Chibi Venus did not have practice and training as "Sailor Chibi V..."

Personal Statistics

Birth Date: Unknown
Astrological Sign: Unknown
Age: 6
Blood Type: B
Hobby: Reading magazines
Favourite Color: Lilac Violet
Favourite Food: Spicy Indian Eggplant Curry
Least Favourite Food: Broccoli
Best Subject: English
Worst Subject: Science
Weak Points: Spacey and dense
Special Skill: Breaking up fights
Dream: To own a tea shop

Sailor Soldier Statistics

Element: Love
Signature Colours: Orange, Yellow-Orange, and Navy Blue
Transformation: "Venus Power, Make Up!"
Special Items: A pin-style communicator
Attacks: "DOKI-DOKI Smash!"

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