The pictures shown on this page are simply thumbnails. To see larger, higher-quality, full versions of the image, click on the thumbnail to view the image in my DeviantArt gallery. ^_^ I know that DeviantArt can be a bit messy, but the files look so much nicer in .PNG format.

Sailor Chibi Mars (09/19/06)

This was a quick edit of Sailor Chibi Mars that I whipped up to have a picture to use on the layout for New Moon Phase. ^_^ I think it turned out alright, though, even with my slap-dash attempt at a background.

Sailor Chibi Mercury (09/19/06)

And here, an edit of Sailor Chibi Mercury. I plan to do edits of all my sailor soldiers, hopefully using images from the same colouring book. I'm not satisfied with her ponytail, but the rest is alright. ^_^

Sailor Chibi Jupiter (09/30/06)

Another one of the little ones. ^_^ It took me a while to find a clear image of this blank of Sailor Jupiter. The background, once again, is a slap-dash attempt, oh well. At least Sailor Chibi Jupiter's hair is fun. ^_^

Sailor Chibi Venus (09/30/06)

I finally finished the edits of the whole Chibi Sailor Team! They're so cute. I love Chibi Venus' hair--her little side-ponytail is a lot of fun to draw. ^_^ I don't particularly care for her colours, though...

Amiyo (10/01/06)

This was just a little doodle of Amiyo in her school uniform. I decided on the colours rather arbitrarily, but in the end I really like them. ^_^ The expression on Amiyo's face is VERY fitting.

Minae (10/01/06)

I was fond enough of the doodle of Amiyo that I wanted to make it a series of all four girls. Here is Minae. She's a bit of a cry-baby, as I'm hope this makes evident. Even so, she's just so cute~ I want to hug her!

Mako (10/01/06)

Folded hands are soooo hard to draw! @_@ Even after spending quite a while trying to make her fingers line up just so, I am still not satisfied. ^_^() Her google-eyed expression is perfect, though.

Reika (03/27/07)

It took me forever to finish the last of this series! Something about Reika just didn't want to be drawn. I really made a mess of the background, but I'm just relieved to have finally completed this picture!

Sailor Chibi Mercury (03/16/07)

I finally drew the entire Chibi Team in my own hand-drawn style. I think it suits them very well, as they are little children and it looks very childish. My light-blue marker scanned very poorly, though...

Sailor Chibi Venus (03/16/07)

Chibi Venus's colours just never seem to be right. It drives me crazy! I spent quite a while at the art supply store trying to find markers of the correct shade, and even now I don't think they're right. @_@

Sailor Chibi Mars (03/16/07)

Chibi Mars is my favourite out of this series. I think she looks very cute, and I'm very pleased with the tones the markers gave out. That shade of violet looks so pretty~ *_* waaaaaiii~

Sailor Chibi Jupiter (03/16/06)

Chibi Jupiter is fairly fun to draw because her personality is so bouncy and (of course) because she wears a lot of pink! It was difficult to draw the lightning, though, but I don't think it's too bad.

Sailor Chibi Mars (03/31/07)

This was a very, very labor-intensive image. I sketched something, scanned it into the computer, and then completely outlined it with vectored lines until it was extremely clean. It was intended as part of a series, but I don't know if I can continue with the rest of them... XD

Sailor Chibi Mercury (08/19/07)

Chibi Mercury is ready to kick some serious butt. Don't tempt her. She's extremely powerful and really lives for fighting. (Maybe that's why she's always trying to get Reika to argue with her.)

Sailor Chibi Mercury (09/09/07)

Sakura over at the Tower of Time completed this requested image of Sailor Chibi Mercury for me~! She did a wonderful job--Amiyo looks sooooo cute~! Awwwww!

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