Sailor Chibi Moon
Princess "Small Lady" Serenity
Tsukino Usagi

Sailor Chibi Moon is the only one of the future sailor soldiers that is not a clone. She is the natural daughter of Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion.

As the princess of Crystal Tokyo, it is Small Lady that the Chibi Team is intended to guard. However, the princess is constantly being sent into the 20th century for training as a sailor soldier, and thus she has minimal interaction with the other girls. Due to this, the team lacks the close bond to their princess that the former Sailor Team possessed.

This has no impact, however, on the devotion of the other soldiers. They may not consider themselves friends of the princess, but they are still fiercely loyal and would lay down their lives in the line of duty without hesitation...even though they are only children.

Personal Statistics

Birth Date: June 30th
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Age: 7
Blood Type: O
Hobby: Performing
Favourite Color: Cherry-Red and Sugar-Pink
Favourite Food: Vanilla Pudding
Least Favourite Food: Raw Carrots
Best Subject: Art
Worst Subject: Japanese
Weak Points: Making friends
Special Skill: Cheering others up
Dream: To become a lady

Sailor Soldier Statistics

Element: Crystal
Signature Colours: Sugar-Pink and Red
Transformation: "Moon Cosmic Power, Make Up!"
Special Items: A wand and a pin-style communicator
Attacks: "Pink Sugar Heart Attack!" and "Pink Moon Prism Illumination!"

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