Sailor Chibi Mercury
Mizuno Amiyo

Sailor Chibi Mercury is the "daughter" of Sailor Mercury, Mizuno Ami. Like the rest of the future soldiers, she is an imperfect clone (essentially akin to a clone created through nuclear transfer) and is not as identical to her "mother" as her appearance may make it seem.

Sailor Chibi Mercury is perhaps the best out of the new sailor soldiers in sheer power and capability. To the original soldiers, this seems strange, given Sailor Mercury's typically low offensive power in the past.

Personal Statistics

Birth Date: Unknown
Astrological Sign: Unknown
Age: 6
Blood Type: A
Hobby: Swimming
Favourite Color: Turquoise
Favourite Food: Lemon Shaved Ice
Least Favourite Food: Peanut Butter
Best Subject: Mathematics
Worst Subject: Art
Weak Points: Impulsive and overconfident
Special Skill: Making educated guesses
Dream: To be a researcher

Sailor Soldier Statistics

Element: Water
Signature Colours: Blue and Light Blue
Transformation: "Mercury Power, Make Up!"
Special Items: A mini-supercomputer, visor, and a pin-style communicator
Attacks: "Bubble Blitz!"

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