Sailor Chibi Mars
Hino Reika

Sailor Chibi Mars is the "daughter" of Sailor Mars, Hino Rei. Like the rest of the future soldiers, she is an imperfect clone (essentially akin to a clone created through nuclear transfer) and is not as identical to her "mother" as her appearance may make it seem.

Sailor Chibi Mars is the informal leader of the team. Technically, since they follow their "mother's" positions, Sailor Chibi Venus should be the leader, but Minae lacks the take-charge attitude that Reika possesses.

Personal Statistics

Birth Date: Unknown
Astrological Sign: Unknown
Age: 6
Blood Type: AB
Hobby: Performing
Favourite Color: Red-Orange
Favourite Food: Cream-filled Chocolate Sandwich Cookies
Least Favourite Food: Plain White Rice
Best Subject: Japanese Calligraphy
Worst Subject: History
Weak Points: Bossy and conceited
Special Skill: Giving others directions
Dream: To be in charge of everything!

Sailor Soldier Statistics

Element: Fire
Signature Colours: Red and Violet
Transformation: "Mars Power, Make Up!"
Special Items: Ofuda and a pin-style communicator
Attacks: "Scorching Sparks!"

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