Sailor Aurora

Akeboshi Meiru

Akeboshi Meiru
(Dawn Star, Bright Rank)


Birthday:April 23rd
Astrological Sign:Taurus
Blood Type:A
Favourite Colour:Neon Orange
Favourite Food:Strawberry Ice-Cream
Least Favourite Food:Cocktail Shrimp
Best Subject:Physical Education
Worst Subject:Mathematics
Weak Points:Thunderstorms
Special Skill:Intuition
Dream:To be a model


Height:1.52 meters (5 feet even)
Weight:50.1 kilograms (110.5 pounds)
Body Build:Short, yet still fairly curvaceous
Eyes:Dark chocolate brown; she has poor eyesight when untransformed and wears large round-framed glasses. When she is being particularly dorky, the lenses obscure her eyes as Uminoís glasses do his eyes.
Hair:Cerise pink; Meiruís wavy, thick hair is extremely long, reaching her ankles when left down. She has short, curled fringe with a center part. To keep her hair manageable, it is pulled back on either side of her face in a small half-ponytail tied with a sky blue ribbon hanging loose.
Skin Tone:A healthy peach-pink; no interesting marks.

Although Meiru wears glasses, Sailor Aurora does not.


          Meiru is a bouncy, somewhat clumsy girl who most her classmates describe as dorky. Although far from a genius, she is fairly intelligent despite seeming scatter-brained. Excelling in academics, however, does not keep her from making a fool of herself regularly. The phrase that teachers and relatives direct towards Meiru the most is, "If you would only apply yourself and focus..."

          Despite her cheerful demeanor, she closes up like a clam in situations that are unfamiliar to her, causing some to describe her as outgoing while others call her shy. In the company of others whom she feels comfortable with, she is light-hearted and giggly. Her personality meshes well with Usagi and Minako, but is a source of annoyance for the more serious, such as Rei.

          Any hostility sends her running for cover, causing her to check and double-check her behavior in fear of offending a second time. She is quick to accept the blame for something, even if she couldn't have possibly had any part in its failure. This causes others with few morals to take advantage of her as a handy scapegoat.

          Despite her seemingly-open attitude, she is not free with her feelings even with those she respects and feels comfort around. Meiru holds her thoughts and desires close to herself, afraid of others' opinions or comments. She is always unsure of herself and insecure, so she tries to remain protected by eliminating the opportunities for others to expose her inequalities. Of course, this is far from a healthy way to deal with things.

          Although she greatly enjoys the company of the other sailor soldiers, she feels guilty and inadequate around them. Meiru is very good at holding things close to herself, however, and the others don't suspect how she truly feels.


Element of Influence:Light
Signature Colours:Honey Yellow & Atoll Orange
Magical Items:Transformation Pen & Communicator
Strength:Extremely Agile
Weaknesses:Low Power & Low Defense
Mission:Worryingly Unclear

Dawning Glow!
Sailor Aurora flings a pulsating orb of brilliant energy at the enemy, melting them on contact. This can also be used at a lower level to provide light in dark areas.


          Sailor Aurora is a sailor soldier from the Solar System. Her powers are derived from a distant planet, Aurora. Due to the nature of its size and position, it orbits the Sun only once every 1000 years.

          During the reign of the Silver Millennium on the Moon, Aurora was a princess in a teetering position: not close enough to the royal family to be a direct protectorate of Princess Serenity and far from strong enough to join the defensive team of the Soldiers of the Outer Solar System despite her planet's location on the far reaches of the Solar System. She was trained separately from the rest and deemed a "minor soldier," left mostly to diplomatic duties.

          Even in her future incarnation, Sailor Aurora has never reached the power level of any of the other sailor soldiers. Strictly, she would be considered a sailor senshi-in-training. It is unclear as to why Sailor Aurora is so weak--originally it was suspected that her planet's dwarf status caused this, but as the sailor soldiers were trained it became apparent that planetary size has no relation to sheer power.

          Sailor Aurora played no role in the fall of the Silver Millennium. She was late in returning to the Moon Kingdom, delayed by several meetings in distant galaxies discussing the outbreak of the war between the Earth and the rest of the Solar System. The weak soldier arrived on the Moon only minutes after the majority of the destruction had already been wrought. She was just in time to witness Queen Serenity sealing Metallia and then for Sailor Saturn's awakening to bring the prosperous time to a definite close.

          Thus Sailor Aurora's reincarnation and awakening comes a complete shock to those who can recall her, such as the guardian cats Luna and Artemis. Clearly this cannot be the signal of another enemy, as Sailor Aurora could hardly have essential power to defeat any evil forces. Meiru only becomes involved with the sailor soldiers when all are attending Juuban High School, but before the attacks from the golden queen, Galaxia.

The Creator

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