Name: Masshiro Arikata
Meaning: "The way something should be, pure white."
Gender: Female.
Birthdate, Age, and Zodiac Sign: July 21st, 14, Cancer.
Bloodtype: AB-
Signature Gemstone: Andalusite. (Andalusite is a gemstone also known as the Cognac Cocktail, because the best cut of the gemstone emphasizes a pleasant golden colour with slight brown undertones.)


Favourite Colours: Gray and most darker colours.
Favourite Foods: Rice balls and coconut chicken curry. She likes lemon cough drops, as well.
Least Favourite Foods: Chicken in any dish other than coconut chicken curry. Out of all the foods in the world, it's chicken that Arikata dislikes.
Likes: Overcast days, the business section of the newspaper, monsoon season, organization, COPIC markers, polar fleece blankets, her pink silk teddy bear, and nonfiction books.
Dislikes: Sunshine and the sun in general, sand, almost all types of candy, water-damaged books, being unable to find what she is attempting to learn about, not getting everything perfect down to the very last detail, and carpeting.
Hobbies: Arikata's two main hobbies are reading nonfiction books (on an assortment of topics that change depending on her current interest at the time) and drawing. She likes to draw, but has almost no faith in her abilities, and thus tends to only draw when she is sure she can hide her work from the eyes of others. She isn't a prodigy or anything, but her artwork isn't as bad as she thinks it is.
Future Goals: Arikata would like to become a manga-ka, but she knows that is very unlikely and she dislikes the way she draws at the moment, so that is her secret dream. She places more focus on her aspiration to become an accountant.


Strengths: Arikata is a very logical thinker and excels at problem-solving. Due to her almost constant reading of nonfiction publications, she knows quite a bit of odd facts on varying subjects. Also, she is an exceptionally good listener when it comes to other people's problems.
Weaknesses: Arikata is, first of all, physically weak. She has exercise-induced asthma, but is allergic to inhalant, and thus it remains untreated. She also has an affinity for getting sick; at least one out of four days, Arikata will be sick. It's rare that she actually has a week where she's completely healthy. Arikata is not very social, and does not respond well in social situations. She's completely terrified of public speaking (among other countless things), and is usually stressed out, but deals negatively with stress. (It makes her even more paranoid and nervous than she usually is.) Arikata is also a pessimist and a detail-oriented perfectionist---a deadly combination. She's never satisfied with anything she does, even if it is just because of an incredibly minor flaw. Arikata is extremely shy, as well, and tends to speak much too quiet to be heard by the average person.
Personality: Arikata is a very quiet, submissive person. She doesn't speak often or make her presence known, but tends to "lurk quietly in the shadows". She appears rather cold and unfeeling to most, and wears a constant mask of indifference that no one has ever seen through. Arikata is, in general, not anyone rather striking; some that have met her even feel her personality is "flat" and "dead". Of course, this "flat", "dead" personality is really quite complex...
       Arikata is an introvert. She spends quite a bit of time in a state of constant daydreaming, and always appears very unfocused. The real world frightens and intimidates her, so she prefers to "live" in her mind, where she is safe. This usually results in the impression that Arikata is either dumb, ditzy, or mentally retarded; this isn't the case, but her great fear of the "outside world" keeps her locked within herself and prevents her from ever expressing these feelings. She is a very deep thinker, and often sits and ponders the mysteries of the universe in her spare time. This usually ends in disaster, however, for if Arikata concentrates too hard on one question, she will eventually "discover" her mind's answer, and this leaves her very unsettled and even more paranoid than usual, for this "answer" is never positive. Sometimes the inexplicable, possessive feelings of helplessness and despair become too much, and Arikata retreats even further inward, resulting in a coma-like state in which nothing will reach her until she ventures out again.
       She is an extraordinarily paranoid and nervous person, prone to near-panic attacks from even the slightest of things. The world itself makes Arikata on edge, which is the primary reason why she is so incredibly introverted. She simply cannot bear the strange emotions that come from simply living in the real world, so she locks her consciousness away somewhere safe. As if that wasn't bad enough, Arikata has terrible fear of the afterlife that makes her a basket case around situations that could possibly result in death; she doesn't know what happens after you die, and it unsettles her because she will never know until she actually dies, which she is not willing to do. She is a perfectionist, always desiring that things be perfect right down to the last molecule, but pessimistic. This is not a beneficial combination, because her pessimistic side expects the worst at all times and her perfectionist part exploits this, blowing things even more out of proportion than she already does. Arikata is terrified of social interaction as well. Being a in a crowded room doesn't phase her, but being in a crowded room and being expected to converse with members of said crowd will almost cause her to hyperventilate. Public speaking is truly her most poignant weakness in this respect---the mere glimmer of thought of public speaking induces the same fits that general stress and paranoia tend to cause. First it becomes hard to breathe, then her hands begin to shake slightly, followed by her teeth just starting to chatter, and before she can do anything she is shaking so badly she can barely do the simplest tasks and just breathing has become such a strain that she can't even muster up enough air to talk.
       Arikata takes great care to keep her paranoia under control, although it does not always work. Even when she thinks she's calmed down the fit won't be over for at least ten more minutes, and then she's visibly shaken and on edge for the rest of the day. She is always quite embarrassed when this happens in public, especially when people attempt to make her feel better by acting incredibly sympathetic and caring, and that just makes it worse. This is why she tends to spend most of her time unresponsive to the outside environment; she is trying to protect herself from the possibility of a panic attack. This is also another reason she doesn't get close to people...first of all most people she meets either think she is a basket case or too aloof to waste time on, but most dislike it because she makes no effort to become closer to them. It makes them feel ignored and insulted, as though she feels she is much better than them and cannot waste her valuable time on their insignificant lives.
       Towards members of her family (err...member of her family) Arikata is more open. She is extremely close to her father, and thus at ease around him more than anyone else. She doesn't have panic attacks in his presence; she doesn't slip down into the depths of her mind; and she actually talks to him with the words she feels in her heart, not with the words she knows she should say, which are the words other people get to hear. She is amazingly open with him, almost as though she is a different person. Of course, "open" for Arikata is "dead" for most people, but her father is quite like her, and thus they understand each other and coexist in harmony. They don't necessarily talk often, as both are quite quiet by nature, but they enjoy simply being in the same room with one another or sharing an activity. Seiseito's colleagues would be amazed if they ever witnessed how he acts around his daughter: he smiles, he's even laughed once or twice, he isn't overly formal and stiff, he even does things that most of his co-workers would probably suffer a heart attack from if they same him, because it seems so out of character to them, like giving his daughter a hug and kiss goodnight. He really relaxes in her presence, more so than he ever relaxed in the presence of his wife. Likewise, Arikata tends to do things around her father that her classmates could never imagine, like snuggling up next to him when they're watching television. The two seem to benefit from each other's personalities simply because they are so alike, and it changes them into different people.
       Even though Arikata has friends, she still isn't very "friendly". She isn't quite as distant around her "friends" as she usually is, but that doesn't say much. Most of her friends know very little about her, but they enjoy her company for varying reasons and thus put up with her rather eccentric habits and unstable personality. Her friends seem to strive for making even the slightest dents in the steel wall that seems to surround Arikata's mind and heart, and getting her to smile even the smallest of smiles is a cause for celebration among them. Arikata appreciates her friends and their efforts, but still avoids getting too close to them; she's simply too afraid to risk opening her heart and mind to others and leaving herself venerable.
       The average person regards Arikata has a bleak, desolate person, unless she is having a panic attack, and then they simply think of her as a freak or lunatic. They grow quickly annoyed with her lack of attention or caring, voice that is barely audible, and lack of conversation and general interaction. Although some people feel she is "dark" and "brooding" she doesn't intimidate at all, and no one is afraid of her. This is mostly due to the fact that Arikata never gets angry; she never lets any emotion show, even though it makes her very upset and depressed, and waits until she is alone to shed even the smallest tear. She simply isn't a danger. Her self-esteem is so low and she is so pessimistic that others feel quite safe around her. Most people, however, do not torment her; the select few that even remember she exists tend to pity her instead, since even though she lets no emotions show, she seems to radiate a feeling of sadness that other people instinctively pick up on.
       Arikata is a mass of intricate workings and eccentric habits.


Hair Colour: Medium brown.
Eye Colour: Rainbow-hued.
Skintone: Slightly pale ivory-olive colour. (Her skin isn't "peach"; it's more of a pale variation of the typical mocha-toned Mediterranean skin colour.)
Height: 4'9"
Hairstyle: Arikata wears her incredibly wavy/curly hair down, usually parted down the center. Her hair just brushes her shoulders, and Arikata does not have bangs. One might notice that her hair looks unusual at the very bottom-it is very bluntly cut across, as though it was cut when the hair was dry and in its usual style.
Build: Arikata is thin (not slender---thin; she looks sickly-skinny) and generally petite. She is usually mistaken for being quite a few years younger than she actually is. She doesn't really have "curves"; her hips are narrow and her breasts aren't large, but she does have some shape, most notably a defined waist. (But that's really just due to the fact that she's so skinny.) She has small hands and feet (both of which are usually ice-cold) and skinny, albeit rather long, legs---like twigs. She has exceptionally good posture; Arikata never slouches or hunches her back and she hates it when others have poor posture.
Unique Characteristics: Her eyes are her only unique characteristic.
Clothing: Arikata tends to dress very conservatively. She is usually seen wearing her school uniform, of course, even after she is forcibly transferred to Juuban High School (Her former school exploded late in the year. "Gas leak" they claim, but Arikata knows it wasn't. Luckily for her and the rest of the student body, this happened late at night.), because it is too late in the year to order the correct uniform in an appropriate size. (Also, the transfer situation is supposed to be temporary, so it would be illogical to have her order a new uniform if she is going to be there for a maximum of two months.) When not in uniform, however, Arikata sticks to very basic clothes. She dresses very drably, not much colour or style, and her only jeans are actually three pairs in the exact same colour and style. She tends to wear jeans, tennis shoes, and some kind of long-sleeved shirt. She's always cold, so even if the shirt she's wearing has short sleeves, that means she also has a sweater on over it. Most of her clothes are black or gray, simply because she likes those colours.

Daily Life

School: Minami Junior High School, 9th grade, class 3B.
Family: Masshiro Seiseito (Accurately pure white.) - Father - salaryman - 42 - Seiseito, Arikata's father, is a calm, stable man. One can easily tell that Arikata received many traits from her father. Seiseito is a rank-and-file salaryman for the company Zentoyuubou Industries. He is usually at work, but still manages to spend a bit of time with Arikata every day, usually at the breakfast table.
       Masshiro Nokorioshii (Reluctantly pure white.) - Mother - Office Lady - 36 - Nokorioshii, Arikata's mother, disappeared before Arikata entered grade school, and no one is really sure what happened to her. Arikata doesn't remember her mother well and really has no desire to, something that greatly disturbs her relatives on her mother's side.
Relationships: Arikata really isn't very social---not in the least. She only has two true friends. (Shin doesn't really count, because he does not appear until much later.)
       Kawamo Migoto (Magnificent river surface.) - female - 14 - Migoto and Arikata met in the very beginning of school. Chaperu and Migoto had been friends for years, and thus Migoto met Arikata when Chaperu introduced the two in their first year of junior high school. For some reason Migoto found herself fascinated with the silent and rather aloof Arikata, and has remained a true and loyal friend for three years, even though Arikata doesn't deserve it.
       Hou Chaperu (Chapel phoenix.) - female - 14 - Chaperu is the daughter of some quite eccentric parents-loopy enough to name their dearest daughter "Chaperu". On the first day of class in 6th grade, Chaperu found herself seated beside Arikata. Being the hyperactive and outgoing person she is, she cheerfully introduced herself, only to get a curt response. For reasons unknown to anyone besides Chaperu herself, she immediately attached to Arikata and has yet to let go. She considers Arikata her best friend, although she really doesn't get much in return for her friendship. Then again, Chaperu's a bit...odd. She gets that from her parents.
       Roujitsuto Shin (Trust and loyalty.) - male - 15 - Shin and Arikata have been friends for the majority of her childhood. When she was a very small girl, Shin and his family lived next door. Although Arikata wasn't a very social child, Shin certainly was, always running around the neighborhood and causing mischief. He quite literally ran into Arikata one day while running from an angry neighbor whose flower garden he had just trampled through. After the initial collision, Shin just kept coming back. He actually enjoyed Arikata's distant nature, and tended to spend a nice portion of his time at the Masshiro residence. After Mrs. Masshiro went missing and the family moved, Arikata never saw Shin again. This all changes after her transfer to Juuban High School.


History: Arikata was born to Masshiro Seiseito and Nokorioshii on a rather cold night in July, and went home with her mother only two days later. She was a quiet, calm baby, and never caused much of a fuss. (This didn't mean, of course, that her parents did not have to wake at odd hours of the night to care for her...Mrs. Masshiro wasn't that lucky.)
       As a young child, Arikata was always rather serious and quiet. Although her parents would have loved to give her whatever she asked for that they could afford, Arikata cared little for most toys, clinging only to a pink silk teddy bear she had received from her Great Aunt Satsuki. At first, many family members feared that Arikata had some kind of learning disability, for she always seemed rather "unfocused", and didn't speak even at the age of three. Of course, when she hit four, she suddenly began to talk, but her first words were full complex sentences, as is usually the case with those who speak late. The "unfocused" tendencies never went away, but it quickly became apparent that Arikata was rather bright.
       When other children were watching cartoons, Arikata grew bored too quickly and preferred documentaries, even if she didn't always understand what was going on. She developed a love for reading early on, mostly due to her father's influence, and spent most of her time with her nose buried in some kind of nonfiction book. Although it was true she was a daydreamer, and when she got bored with something slipped away into the depths of her own mind, Arikata never cared for fantasy stories. The only thing that even hinted that she wasn't quite as dull as she seemed were the pictures she drew. They may have looked like just scribbles to her family early on, but when questioned the small girl would soon explain the story behind the picture, and it was always something unique and enchanting, usually filled with magic and adventure, which they always thought odd given her general dislike of fantasy.
       It should be mentioned that Nokorioshii was never quite at ease with her daughter's behavior. She had been excepting an adorable little girl, but her daughter just didn't show that kind of affection or act that way in any circumstances. She wasn't bouncy and energetic, bubbling over with energy and happiness; she didn't smile; she didn't do silly things that Nokorioshii could take pictures of and show other people later because they were just "so cute"; and she didn't seem to love either of her parents. Right before Arikata turned five, Nokorioshii disappeared---no one is really sure what happened to her. Her family believes she was abducted and possibly murdered, but Seiseito, although he'd never tell a soul, suspects she simply ran away. From that day on, it was just Seiseito and Arikata. He never bothered to remarry, and isn't even interested. Besides, Nokorioshii is still officially his wife, since it could not be determined what had happened to her and there was still the chance that she could be out there.
       When Arikata entered school, she was not very popular...but she didn't want to be. Even in first grade, she buried herself in her books and studies, never bothering to join clubs. She gained a few friends despite her rather anti-social behavior, but they grew accustomed to her ways and are used to not seeing Arikata for weeks at a time because of some kind of research she is doing. (It isn't really research, though...that's just what Arikata calls it when she decides to ignore her friends for a few weeks and spend all her time in her room reading and drawing.)
       As she got older, she just got "weirder". Arikata's friends are the ones that have managed to survive with her over such a long time---although she doesn't have anyone who could be considered "close", simply because Arikata does not allow people to get close to her; she views deep attachment to others as a fatal weakness. She's still as melancholy as ever, and lives in a small apartment with her father. She tends to spend most of her time alone, as that is how she prefers to be, but other than her general lack of social interaction and the "missing persons" status of her mother, Arikata lives a colourless life.
       Of course, being awakened as a sailorsenshi causes everything to take a turn for the worst.


Senshi Name: Sailoraranis
Title: Lost Child
Signature Colours: White and yellow.
Element: Light. (Although, thanks to the tragedy, she can manipulate other elements slightly. Otherwise she'd get herself killed right away... She is a very weak senshi.)
Items: Lumine Medallion -- The Lumine Medallion is Sailoraranis' henshin item. It is a circular, gold object trimmed with a ring of gold. In the center of the medallion two golden ovals intersect, with a white star in the center of their intersection. Around the edge of the object are five small stones, embedded in the golden trim of the circle at even distances from one other, aligned with the points of the white star in the very center. At the top there is a black stone, the next stone to the left is orange, the next stone in line counter-clockwise is blue, the one after that is gray, and the fifth stone is brown.
Fuku: Sailoraranis' fuku is strikingly similar to that of the Sailor Team, but it is slightly different. Her fuku begins with a white bodysuit that features a defining line beneath the bust and short sleeves consisting of three plump "rolls" of white fabric. Her sailor collar is solid yellow; it is average length, the cape-like back of the collar just falling to the middle of her back. Sailoraranis' short, pleated skirt is the same shade of yellow, and the belt-like roll of fabric that dips down in a slight "V" in the front attaches the skirt to the bodysuit is white. There is a white bow attached to the front of her bodysuit, just below the point of the sailor collar's v-shaped neckline. The center of the bow is decorated with a round yellow medallion. The bow attached to the middle back of the white belt-roll is also white. She wears white elbow-length gloves, trimmed with three white fabric rolls at the elbow and a band of yellow ribbon around the wrist. On her feet, Sailoraranis' wears satin slippers; the only decoration on these slippers is the X of white ribbon that crosses across the toe. Her choker is a simple white ribbon, and her earrings are plain glass studs. Her V-shaped golden tiara has a small white oval stone in the center of her forehead.
Mission: Sailoraranis' "mission" is to not get herself killed and to (hopefully) return to her origin, the Seventh Realm, to keep watch over the Seventh Prison of the Unknown, as is her duty.


Henshin: "Aranis Star Power, Makeup!" -- Arikata holds the Lumine Medallion in the palm of her hand, and clasps both hands over it, clutching it to her chest as she bows down her head, eyes closed. A brilliant light shines from between her hands, and as it washes over her body her clothes disappear and she becomes a glittering, yellow silhouette. She floats about eight inches off the ground, her arms still clutched to her chest and her head still bowed, and her legs tightly held together with her toes pointed. A glimmer of white light sparkles at her toes, and then slowly travels up her body, transforming everything it touches in to Sailoraranis' fuku. As it reaches her neck she rolls her head back, and the light forms the jewel in her tiara last before flashing brilliantly. Sailoraranis opens her eyes and lowers back down to the floor, her transformation complete.
Weapons: Incandescent Baton -- The Incandescent Baton is a two-and-a-half-foot-long white baton with an inverted, conical, yellow rubber tip attached to each end with a ring-shaped silver fitting. (It really isn't anything impressive.) The Incandescent Baton does not magically appear in Sailoraranis' hands during her transformation---it is somehow stored in her back bow. Sailoraranis has never actually seen it there (nor has anyone else) but if she reaches just between her back bow and the white roll of fabric that acts as a belt for her skirt, she can withdraw it, as if it is magically sprouting from the small of her back. (A rather unsettling idea, in Sailoraranis' opinion.) The Incandescent Baton is not the most useful weapon---it has the ability to channel energy, but Sailoraranis can only seem to get that to work when she uses her Reincarnation Negation attack. Of course, when worse comes to worse, it is rather useful for whacking enemies and weighs enough to leave a sizable bump.
Fighting Style: Sailoraranis has a careful balance of offensive and defensive magical attacks. Her major attack is offensive, but her main attack has the ability to switch between offensive or defensive depending on Sailoraranis' needs. When it comes to physical fighting, however, Sailoraranis is almost purely defensive. She is not a good fighter, and her only ability when it comes to physical fights is running away and dodging. Of course, this is not always helpful, but it is better than nothing.
       "Star Shine!" - Sailoraranis closes her eyes, and crosses her arms in front of her chest with her palms facing outward and her fingers separated. A strange phantom wind appears beneath her feet, blowing her hair straight up as a small, pulsating orb of light begins to form just in front of the place where her arms cross. She calls out, "Star...Shine!" while pushing her arms and her entire body forward. The orb of light flies forward, elongating into a beam, and darts through her enemy. When she uses modified versions of this attack, the orb of light suddenly turns the signature colour of the element she calls upon before darting forward, and it has a different effect on her opponent.
       Star Shine is Sailoraranis' favourite attack. It is relatively easy to perform, it is versatile (by simply adding an adjective after the word Shine, Sailoraranis can imbibe this attack with [weak] powers of fire, water, earth, air, or darkness), and it isn't very taxing. Of course, these benefits are balanced by the facts that it isn't very powerful, sometimes to the point of being completely ineffective, and can be easily blocked or dodged. It is also elementally weak to its opposite. If, for example, Sailoraranis cast Star Shine in its basic form, it could be canceled out if her opponent would cast any spell relating to darkness. If Sailoraranis cast "Star Shine Freeze!" and her opponent immediately countered with a fire-based attack, it would be neutralized. It should also be noted that, in the past, Sailoraranis did not have the ability to alter Star Shine; the attack could only be used to create a beam of light that blinds and shoots through the enemy, weakening them slightly. She only has the ability now to tailor it to her needs by adding words that mix in powers of fire, water, earth, air, and darkness because of circumstances beyond her control.
       "Reincarnation Negation!" - Sailoraranis raises the Incandescent Baton into the air and looks up at it, concentrating as much of her power as she can on the white stick. A strange humming noise that begins out whisper-quiet and gradually increases to a mild roar is heard in the background as the baton works it way up to a nearly fluorescent white glow. Sailoraranis then grasps the baton tightly in her hand and swings towards the enemy in a swift, flowing motion, releasing it with expert timing. As she throws it, her body slowly rotates, and she gathers enough momentum to continue spinning around even when the baton is out of her hand, zooming towards the enemy. It flies through the air, increasing in speed, until it is moving so fast that the glow of the baton seems to be unable to keep up with it, streaking behind it like the tail of a comet. When executed correctly, it bores right through her opponent, causing them to explode in a shower of golden dust. For a split second one can see a strange silver shadow flopped around the tip of the still-speeding baton; then, the baton disappears. It reappears in Sailoraranis' awaiting hand, but the silvery shadow is gone. (If the attack is unsuccessful, the Incandescent Baton will not be able to bore through the opponent, and will bounce off if the enemy is too strong or sink only partially in. In the event of this happening, it immediately stops glowing and becomes nothing more than a white stick once more.)
       Sailoraranis really dislikes using this attack; for some inexplicable reason all her senses seem flooded with sorrow whenever she uses it, although others who have witnessed this attack assess that she never appears sad. This is Sailoraranis' most powerful attack---it effectively finishes off nijuushin, and it is her most powerful attack to use when she's fighting actual villains. Of course, Reincarnation Negation requires that her target be at a certain energy level, so if the villain is not properly worn down this attack will be completely useless. Reincarnation Negation is, in essence, a nearly unstoppable attack as long as the target is effectively weakened. Sailoraranis hasn't come across an enemy that could withstand this attack (if they were weakened properly, that is). This attack takes a lot out of her, and so Sailoraranis really can't cast this attack more than twice a battle---and that's really stretching it. She usually tries to restrict it to once a battle; it takes days for her to recover her strength back after using it more than once. If she casts Reincarnation Negation once, she feels rather dizzy and wants to relax and take a short nap. If she casts it twice, she can barely stand (she usually ends up crumpling to the ground). Sailoraranis is not too interested in what would happen if she cast it more than that. Luckily for Sailoraranis she doesn't have to deal with a lot of trail-and-error regarding Reincarnation Negation---if it isn't time to disintegrate the enemy and trap their soul in the Seventh Prison of the Unknown, Sailoraranis will know it is not yet time because her target will not glow pale pink. This attack freezes enemies in place during the actual attack phase, as though they are mesmerized, so she doesn't really have to worry about dodging, and it doesn't seem to have any elemental weaknesses. The only major downsides to this attack are the lack of energy, the sorrowful feelings, and the long time it takes to power up.


Arikata looking forlorn.A quickly sketched bust of Arikata.Arikata in her school uniform looking melancholy.A headshot of the Princess Armai.An edit of Sailoraranis chibified.
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