The Pegasus


Name: Pink Peach
Nickname: Peachie
Age: 15
Pony Zodiac: Pyrois the Light pony
Tribe: Pearl Luminie
Species/Features: Pegasus, compact gold-dusted stylized wings
Cutie Marks: A cute pink peach topped with a golden satin ribbon bow, surrounded by sparkles on both hips
Hair: ♥cotton candy pink♥ fading to ♥white♥; long bangs down the right side of her face with high, bouncy pigtails that curl at the ends
Eyes: ♥chocolate brown♥
Coat: a graident of ♥pale platinum♥ & ♥lemon sorbet♥
Hooves: ♥coppery gold♥
Picture Gallery:
__Pink Peach Sketch (by Aurae)
__Pink Peach Outline (by Aurae)
__Pink Peach (by Leviathen)
__Pink Peach (by Buninou)

Outfit: Pink Peach loves her bubble-gum-pink overbust corset, decorated with white scalloped trim at the top edge and a fuschia ribbon tied into a bow in the very front. Small gemstone buttons trail down the front. Beneath that are short white bloomers edged with lace and embroidered with her cutie mark on the right hip. On her thighs she wears white garters with pink lacey ruffles.
Jewelry: A delicate pink bracelet dangles on her right wrist. A heart-shaped charm of selenyx is the focal point.
Activity: Sparkling, frosting, orchis scanning, whipping up new culinary creations, baking, and sewing new outfits
Area: Sapphire Shores, Malachite Meadow, & Star Powder Bakery~
Gemstone: Rose zircon
Flower: Apple blossoms
Color: Pink, of course~!
Season: Spring
Time: Daybreak
Food: Cupcakes, TwinklePop smoothies, ichigo-maki, & peach fizz soda
Meal: Dessert! Any time is a good time for dessert~

Region: Pearl Coast
Home: She lives in the upper loft of Star Powder Bakery with her older sister, Sweet Plum.
Current Occupation: Pastry decorator at Star Powder Bakery
Individual Speciality: Kernel Scanning - Peachie locates orchis and maps them so that baby ponies may be brought to Ponyopolis once hatched
Unique Abilities:
        ♥ Looksee - Peachie can use any reflective surface as a "magic mirror."
        ♥ Reflect - Peachie's large eyes shine back what is in another pony's heart.
        ♥ Glitter - Edible sparkling dust drifts from her wings--very useful to decorate desserts.
Skills: She has mastered a form of flight that allows her to travel fast enough to appear to teleport. She is extremely agile in the air, with great grace and dexterity. She has a particularly lovely singing voice, as well. She has an unparalleled sense of direction and is almost never lost.


Descriptive Words: Tender, sympathetic, affectionate, charming, bright, bouncy, and shyyyyyyyyyy
Attitude: Pink Peach is sweet and gentle, accepting of everyone unless they prove they deserve otherwise. She loves surprising her friends and throwing parties. She hates to speak ill of others. In demanding social situations, she becomes very shy and awkward; she relies on her big sister when faced with such things. Overall, she is very innocent.
Feelings on the Clan War: Peachie hates the war. She doesn't understand how everyone can be fighting over something that began so long ago, and she thinks it's wrong that so many ponies are so determined not to start over. She has a hard time voicing her opposition, afraid of the reactions of others and terrified of being exiled.













Name: Aurae
Birthday: it's a mystery
Sites: | HelloWonderland@LiveJournal
Email: alice [at] sparklesugar [dot] com
OCs: Chloris @Synthetic Angel & Sailor Phobos @Moonless Sky
Scribe: Goodness, who knows!
Contribution: Sparkles...and cupcakes~

This character was hatched for the Ponyopolis 2009 : PONYOPOLIS