002 - Middles

Prompt: 002 - Middles
Rating: A
Characters: Amiyo, Minae, and Reika

A pile of small imprinted black discs lay scattered on the table-top amidst a copious amount of crumbs and several puddles of milk. The plastic wrapper from the cookie package had been removed with exaction, not even a single tear, and left amongst the empty shells of what had once been cream-filled chocolate sandwich cookies. At one end of the table, closest to the half-filled tray, was a navy-haired young girl with cookie specks clinging to her clothing.

Two small hands lifted a new cookie from the open tray, and carefully twisted the two halves apart with expert precision. Amiyo used the exact same care to scrape the fluffy white cream from the dark inner surfaces of the snack, her sapphire eyes glinting mischievously. She had just discarded two more cookie discs when a blonde pigtail peeked into the doorway of the kitchen, followed soon after by a pair of brilliant blue eyes that peered at the other girl.

"What'cha doin?" the smaller girl asked timidly, tip-toeing up to the table and leaning awkwardly against it, sliding her feet against the floor in ways that made parents anxious.

Minae fingered a cookie disc and examined it, pushing herself back from the small wooden table and then catching herself against it absent-mindedly. Her eyes widened for a moment, then narrowed slightly as she analyzed just what it was.

"Hey! These are 'Ka-chan's!" she gasped, gaping at the collection strewn before her. "Miyo-chan you can't eat these they're 'Ka-chan's!"

Amiyo smirked at the other girl and languidly scraped yet another cookie clean of its inner filling, flipping the chocolate pieces onto the table; one cracked in half while the other bounced and rolled onto the floor.

"She gave them to me," Amiyo lied, smiling with false sweetness at the nervous blonde.

"Liar," Minae whispered. "Everyone knows Rei-mama bought these for 'Ka-chan for special since she got good grades. You're gonna be in trouble--AGAIN."

Amiyo stuck out her tongue and threw half of an empty cookie at Minae. The black disc skidded across the very top of the small ponytail on the left side of the blonde's head as she ducked to avoid being smacked in the face. Amiyo stuck up her nose and brushed her hair back from her neck, tossing her thick ponytail to the side. Her fingers brushed against the edge of another cookie, and she considered flinging that one at Minae, too, but the smaller girl could tell what she was planning, and tensed to move out of the way of another projectile.

"No-one will know what happened to them, because a certain yellow-haired girl is not going to tell anyone what happened," she said calmly. "I'll put them back."

Minae raised an eyebrow at Amiyo's response.

"You'll put them back? Um, she'll notice they're EMPTY!"

Amiyo ignored the commentary from the other girl and dropped more naked cookie pieces onto the growing pile. Only three more whole cookies remained from the entire package. Minae watched her, exasperated, and finally shrugged.

"If one of the mamas asks me, I'm gonna tell," she warned as she headed back towards the doorway, leaving Amiyo alone with the cookie corpses.

Reika carefully opened her new package of cookies--a special treat from Mama for doing well in school. She had kept it carefully hidden in the pantry, away from the other girls so she wouldn't have to share it.

When she pulled out a cookie, she didn't quite notice that they looked a bit strange--there were a lot of crumbs, especially for brand-new cookies. And some of them looked a bit broken...

The ebony-haired little girl dunked the cookie for a moment in a glass of milk, and then bit into it. Her expression immediately shifted from pleasure to confusion, and then she spit it out, disgusted. A careful glance at rest of the package confirmed her suspicions--they were all filled with cream cheese!


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